Mind, Body, Spirit Healing and Wellness

Restoring Light Yoga Therapy 
and Wellness Center

Welcome to Licking County's Altenate Healing Center

Here at Restoring Light Yoga Therapy and Wellness Center we have designed our Programs with Functional Wellness in mind. Everything we offer is personalized, and empowers our clients to achieve their highest expression of health. Through diet, exercise, life style changes, cleansing programs, community education and self love, we work to help our clients heal and prevent disease Mind, Body and Spirit.

No Registration Required for Classes this Summer. Just come in and take a yoga class in peace.  

Daily Classes:


12pm Gentle Yoga Downstairs
6:30pm Beginner's Yoga Downstairs

5:30pm Mixed Level Yoga Upstairs
6pm Tai Chi Downstairs

7pm OULA Dance Fitness- Upstairs
5:30pm Gentle Yoga with Liz Downstairs
6:45pm YIN Yoga with Liz Downstairs 

6pm Rock-N-Roll Yoga Upstairs 

10am Beginner's Yoga Downstairs

9am Sunday Morning Yoga with Kate Downstairs
1:10-1:40 OULA Power Express
2pm OULA Dance Upstairs

Special Classes and Events: 


23  Community Energy Well-Being Group


20 Be Still with Liz, Restorative Class may include gentle movement, essential oils, Reiki, sound healing and lots and lots of restorative yoga and meditation.This class books fast..... You must be registered/paid to attend, please..